A production informed by a research residency with young people aged 13-15 in Scarborough and York UK and Scarborough and North York Toronto including direct workshops and an extensive international pen pal system between the four groups of young people.

Can an event on the other side of the world affect a town an ocean away?

Scarborough, North Bay, England.

Two teenage boys discover the body of a woman.

Scarborough, Toronto, Canada.
Two boys are questioned after the disappearance of a woman.

As two boys try to keep the secret of what happened and two boys try to solve the mystery, urban city meets beach coast as two world collide and four boys lives are changed forever.


Directed by Gemma Kerr
Designed by Lydia Denno
Cast: Harry Mcentire, Royce Pierreson, Samantha Pearl. 


This new play debuted at York Theatre Royal and had further development in Toronto the following year.