Rachel is a leading geneticist. A predictor, a planner, a rationalist.

She identifies gene mutations that increase the risk of developing breast cancer - allowing action to be taken before the disease has even had chance to develop.  Whether it is surgery or a course of drugs, it is all about prevention.

But on discovering that she and her daughter might be carrying a gene mutation themselves, Rachel starts to wonder if predicting illness through science throws up more questions than it can answer.

When science offers you the chance to look into the future of your own health, or your family’s, would you always want to know?

Developed in collaboration with Manchester-based charity Prevent Breast Cancer, this daring new play by acclaimed playwright Frazer Flintham explores their pioneering research and the complex human dilemmas around preventative medicine. 

Read all about how the project uses the science here



We commissioned a series of portrait photographs of women and men around the UK who have had mastectomies. A pop-up exhibition of these photographs will be touring along with the show to all the venues it visits. You can also see the final images here. (Please note that, as part of the purpose of the exhibition is to increase public understanding of what mastectomies can look like,  the individuals are all bare-chested in these images.)


Playwright Frazer Flintham
Director Charlotte Bennett
Designer Lydia Denno
Producer Corinne Salisbury
Composer and Sound Designer Becky Wilkie
Lighting Designer Ziggy Jacobs-Wyburn
Cast: Helen Bradbury, Charlotte Melia, Joanna Nicks


We performed on

11th - 12th November The Lowry in Salford

15th - 19th November Soho Theatre in London

22nd November Beggar's Theatre in Millom, Cumbria


23rd November  Preston Continental  (8pm) Tickets £8 / £6 concessions

24th November Cast in Doncaster (7.45pm) Tickets £10.50 / £9 concessions


GENESIS is supported by funding from Arts Council England, the Teale Charitable Trust, the Richard Carne Trust, Talbot Validus, the Granada Foundation, the Unity Theatre Trust, the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, Morag Siller, other private donors, and our crowdfund backers: Rich Bramwell, Eve, Lindsey Alvis, Anthony Gray, Rick Savage, Chris Thornley, Jemma Churchill, Kim Stafford, Al Barclay, Andrew Hughes, Alison Carr, James Harvey, Sara Jackson, Martin McGowan, Mary Peate, Jonathan Mayes, Maria Marroni, Lynette Creane, Suzanne Gorman, Evan Placey, Hope McNamara, Chris Dobson, Allison Tett, Sarah, Abbi Greenland, Helen Goalen, MJ Car Sales Limited, Cathy Schindel, Lucy Thackeray, Heather Sputnik, Penny O'Reilly, David Kirk, Julia Lamb, Gavin Dobson, Joe Simmons, Laura Parkes, Amelia Bird, Andrew Larkin, Eve Brooks, Sarah Ovens, Denise Laver, Annie Wallace, Jayne Glover, Adam Kemeny, Ali Miles, Tom Howse, Wade Benn, Eva Quinn, Natalie Gray, Andrea Price, David Bradley, Louise Blacklock, Tracy Atkinson, Matt Davies, Suzi Maria, Amy Morgan, Sophie Watson, Anthea Lea, James Grieve, Clare Pointing, Alan Carroll, Jo Walton, Mark Maughan, Tracy Macleod, Jo and Allan Melzack, Vicky Riley, Lesley Evans, Catherine Skinner, Arwen Prosser, Francesca Bradley, Lucy Kerbel, Bill Laughey, Nicola Barnes, Lucy Rossa, Richard Bennett, Elsie Bennett, Liz Capron, Dee, Kelly Hotten, Catrina McHugh, Vicki Mclean, Chloe Moss, Oisin Murray, Helen Sant, Sally Dynevor, Francesca Pickard, Josephine Burton, Tom Atkins, Harriet Howse, Tom Chivers, Becky Vere, Helen Bradley, Clare Timmins, Krzys Robak, Alex Markham, Debbie Longley, Freya Murray, Anni, Julie Hesmondhalgh, Bryony Kimmings, Sarah Tanner, Dean Roughley, Eva Sampson, Alicia Bennett, Amanda Redstone, Nikki Barraclough, Roma Yagnik, Lesley Skeavington, Ian, Hannah Rodger, Peter Hobday, Emma Brightwell, Deborah Haywood, Michelle Davies, Ella Saltmarshe, Adam Brown, Sarah Evans, Freema Agyeman, Valentina Buk, Clare Pested, Charley Miles, Rachel Salisbury, Helena Lymbery, James Perkins, Robbie Swale, Helen Goodman, Joe Lang, Ross Nicholson, Philippa Herrick, Richard Corgan.


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